Countries Pakistanis Can Travel to Visa Free as a UAE Resident

Travelling with a weak passport could be awkward as most of the time you need to arrange the necessary visa before your travel, and it also adds to your travel cost. Exciting news for the Pakistanis having a residence permit of the United Arab Emirates, you can travel to these seven countries without arranging a prior visa. Always make sure your passport and UAE visa is valid for at least six months before making a travel plan to these countries.

1. Azerbaijan

Stay up to 30 days.
However, if you plan to stay in the country for more than 15 days, you’ll need to register at the State Migration Service of the Republic of Azerbaijan.
More info: Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan to the United Arab Emirates

2. Bahrain

Stay up to 30 days
More info: Bahrain eVisas

3. Egypt

Stay up to 30 days
More info: Emirates Visa Requirements Check, Powered by IATA

4. Georgia

Tbilisi by Nomadic Paki

Stay up to 90 days
More info: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia

5. Montenegro

Stay up to 10 days
More info: Wikipedia

Update: 10th December 2018

As per the Embassy of Montenegro in Abu Dhabi, UAE residents cannot avail visa on arrival.

6. Oman

Stay up to 30 days

More info: Royal Oman Police

7. Tunisia

Stay up to 15 days
More info: Wikipedia

Enjoy the extra power to your passport as long as you have the UAE residence visa.
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