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Hi, I am Shahnam turned Nomadic and sometimes considered as “Paki” at border controls or when I apply for a visa at some embassies.

I never ditched my apartment, neither sold my car nor left my job to travel the world yet I have managed to visit 48 countries and many cities. Here I am going to show you how to travel more while living a “normal life” unlike most of the travel bloggers out there who had and has the liberty to ditch everything and travel.

Every other day I used to receive questions from my friends, colleagues, and acquaintances such as:

How do you manage to travel too often while being on a full-time job?

How do you find good travel deals?

Traveling is so expensive how do you manage your finances?

How to apply for a visa for a specific country?

Is Halal food or Vegetarian food easily available in Europe?

How do you stay safe while travelling solo?

We googled it, but the ocean of information confused us, still don’t know how?

Probably you too are here to seek answers to these questions and find out how you can travel to all those fascinating places which you see in your friends' pictures or on the wallpapers. Whenever you start planning for it, something comes up in your way, and you abandon the plan in anticipation that you’ll be able to travel “tomorrow”.

During the past years, I have been helping people in my circle answer these questions and travel more with personally tried and experienced tips. By searching less the internet and avoid getting confused with a load of information, you can save time and do things you like: family, friends, travel.

I started this site to show you how to travel the world while even being on a full-time job, without making a significant dent in your pocket and despite holding a weak passport, well in my case it’s 2nd weakest in the world. Though it throws many hurdles on my way yet, it couldn’t halt me from exploring the globe, and I have been to over 40 countries at the time of writing this post.

On this blog, I’ll show you how to travel more by planning various length international trips from 2 days trip over the weekend to a week-long or even a month long travel. I precisely know that everyone can’t have a yearlong break nor everyone can be on the road for years as you usually see in most of the other travel blogs. You’ll also find tips and tricks to save money while booking for accommodations and flights and even hacks to get free upgrades to business class or get complimentary access to over 700 airport lounges across the world.

Here to Make a Difference

Why can you trust this blog? Unlike the majority of other travel blogs, you’ll not come across sponsored content here. Not only every tourist attraction, hotel, restaurant and cafes have been personally visited by me or by the guest contributors but all the gears and gadgets mentioned in our articles are also personally used by us, and we pay for these on our own. We do a variety of experiences from taking a bus for cross-border travel to flying on 1st class, sleeping in mixed gender dorms to exclusive five-star hotel rooms.  We do all these experiences to bring you authentic and genuine reviews even if it’s not an eye candy.

I am quite grateful for your visit to this site, keep travelling, keep exploring and keep enjoying. If you have any questions, I am just an email away.

Nomadic Paki


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