Travel Gears You Need



Some of us like gadgets and gears but others love it, admit it or not we all are addictive to some sort of gears be it mobile phones, cameras, or headphones. Apart from being addicted, these have also become part and parcel of day to day life. You need a camera to take pictures while making beautiful memories in your visiting country, a mobile phone to stay connected while you are on the move or a comfortable headset to listen to your favourite tunes while you are on the move.


Here are my personally tried and tested gears. However, I advise packing as light as you can and only carry the most necessary one with you. Moreover, make sure you have sufficient insurance cover for your gears after all you don't want to lose those expensively acquired items. Read my dedicated travel insurance page to find useful tips on it.

Comfy Noise Cancelling Earphones