Comfy Noise Cancelling Earphones

Are you a real music lover who doesn’t want to miss on sound quality?

Does airport noise and especially grinding in-flight noise bother you?

Are you more comfortable with in-ear headphones?

Do you want to get rid of tangled wires?


If your answer is yes to one or all of the above questions, then you should go for Bose QC 30.


From the day I got these, I couldn’t be happier anymore.



I usually find in-ear headphone quite spartan, but this gem from Bose provides excellent comfort with its comfy earbuds that stay put. If you struggle keeping earbuds, put, then try it and you’ll never complain again.


Noise Cancellation:

It is undoubtedly one of the best noise cancellation headphones out there in the market. It does as good job as any other over the ear headphone will do. Most importantly, you are in the control how much you want to cancel and how much you want to let in.  You can control noise reduction from the buttons on the headphone as well as from the mobile app.

This function is handy as you can tune the noise cancelling to eliminate the worst of the traffic noise without making you unaware of it entirely.


Bose mobile app


It’s a Bluetooth in-ear headset meaning that you can connect it with any Bluetooth supported devices such as your mobile phone, tablet or laptop.



I tried some wireless, noise cancelers headphones before but the problem with them is that they are battery eaters; however, it provides a long-lasting battery around 8 hours which is sufficient for most of the flights and journeys.


All in all, it’s a good companion for travellers to control the noise levels, with good music quality and excellent battery life.



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