Don’t be Penny Wise and Pound Foolish


Importance of Buying Travel Insurance

My two hard drives went missing from my bag while travelling in Tanzania; Air Arabia lost my baggage while flying from KSA to Sharjah, UAE and now on my recent trip to Europe my bag got stolen from the train in Nice, France. Well.. no.. no.. Neither I am a bad luck nor I think that someone cast a black eye on my trip. When you are on the road such incidents can happen, By the way when you visit the police station to report such accidents then you realise there are many other victims like you.

Moreover, you may get sick during your trip, and it’s one of the worst things which can happen when you are holidaying. Having said this, it’s no brainer to buy an insurance cover, after all, you don’t want to be penny wise and pound foolish. It will cost only a fraction of your total trip cost, but it certainly saves you a lot provided if you have bought a good cover from a reputable insurance company.

There are many insurance brokers and companies out there who’ll try to get your premium, but only a few of them will provide you right cover. Before buying an insurance cover make sure to read its policy wording carefully and once you have bought it double check that the insurance company sent you the same terms & conditions which they sent you before making this purchase. It is crucial because there are some companies out there which deceive you by sending one set of the document at the time of signing up for the insurance and sending you apparently the same document again but with some exclusions added in it; without notifying you about changes. I have been a victim of the same, and I’ll share this with you in my upcoming post on this topic to protect you from such con artists.

At this time, I cannot suggest you a good travel insurance provider. Did you ever use one, how was your experience? Suggest yours in the comment section.