Trip to Singapore

Dubbed as Asian Tiger, Singapore offers one of the most contemporary cityscapes, impressive skyline, botanic garden, top notch nightlife spots, high-end dining, glittering shopping malls and much more

15+ Visa Free Countries for Pakistanis Holding US Visa

Great news for all the Pakistanis, holding US visa. You can travel to 15+ countries without going through the hassle of arranging visas, giving you the freedom to make last minute travel plans and in some cases simply getting a transit of another country en route to the USA or your home country.

Countries Pakistanis Can Travel to Visa Free as a UAE Resident

Travelling with a weak passport could be awkward as most of the time you need to arrange the necessary visa before your travel, and it also adds to your travel cost. Exciting news for the Pakistanis having a residence permit of the United Arab Emirates, you can travel to these seven countries without arranging a prior visa.

Getting a US Visa in Dubai

The overall experience was much convenient to get a US visa; it took me almost seven days altogether from the date of online application to understanding the visa stamped on my passport. However, there are a couple of things you need to know and arrange before you apply.

A trip to City of Winds, Baku and Beyond

Known as the City of Winds, Baku offers warm hospitality, rich culture, inspiring architecture and natural beauty to amuse all kinds of travellers.

Stepping into the void: A magical journey to the picturesque Swiss and French Alps

If you fancy mountains and like looking at nature at its finest, you should definitely chalk a trip to the Alps down on your bucket list.

Honeymooner’s Trip to The Maldives

Do you love crystal water beaches, natural beauty, sunny days and diving in the sea? The Maldives with its clear waters and vivid colours offers all of it at a very reasonable budget. My husband surprised me with a holiday to the Maldives in November which by the way is the best time to visit Maldives weather wise.

Stuff They Don’t Tell You About Fairy Meadows

“Fairy Meadows”, close your eyes, try to imagine – I guess you see a lush green meadow spread across miles, try hard, and you see fluffy beautiful animals grazing, try harder, and you feel the cool breeze coming from snow-laden peaks …. So did I

When in Rome, do as the Romans do

If you are roaming in Europe, there is no room to skip Rome especially when you are ancient architecture and history enthusiast.

A day trip to the micronation of Andorra, a jewel hidden between European giants

Sandwiched between Spain and France in the Pyrenees mountains, very few have heard of the micronation that is Andorra. I too only came across this tiny European country on Google Maps while I was planning my
Euro tour.

An Idiot in Spain

Suffered due to the fire on the rail track, was refused to be served at train customer services desk and welcomed by the graffiti “Stop Massive Tourism” in Barcelona. If you are still determined to visit Spain, continue reading.

Transit Tour of Moscow

Being the largest country by land, Russia has always been a highly desired destination for me.

A Day Trip to Lisbon

In all honesty, while planning for the trip, I couldn’t come across something which could attract me to visit this city.

Getting a UK Visa in Dubai

Check out my step by step guide to apply for a UK visa in Dubai

Four Days Trip to Transcontinental City, Istanbul

Four days is quite sufficient time to get the feel of any city, so is right with Istanbul.

How to Spend 4 Days in Lebanon

Indeed the desire to visit Lebanon arouse years back when I started reading the great poet Gibran Khalil Gibran in my adulthood, and it strengthened up when I moved to Dubai and had Lebanese coworkers.

How to Get Maximum Out of Your 4 Days Trip in Maldives

Crystal clear waters, a range of water sports, snorkelling, sandbanks, delicious seafood and much more Maldives has got to offer. If you want to visit Maldives on a Budget, then check out my post where I have given details how to find cheap flight and accommodation in the Maldives.

How to Visit Maldives on a Budget

There was a time when the Maldives used to be a costly destination however now with many direct and indirect flights, and since the local regulations changed in 2009, there are many guesthouses available for the tourists and visiting the Maldives no longer puts a hole in your pocket.

A Trip to Hunza & Beyond

View of killer mountain, adrenalin drive, view of the junction of three mountain ranges, the taste of hand-picked fresh fruits, fantastic views of lush green valleys, lakes and rivers, transacting at the highest ATM of the world – what else a traveller needs from one tour?

Comfy Noise Cancelling Earphones

Does airport noise and especially grinding in-flight noise bother you?

Are you a real music lover who doesn't want to miss on sound quality?

Wildlife Safari in Africa

You think of wildlife safari and Africa rings in your mind, and within Africa, my choice was Kenya, an eastern African country. Do you want to go on safari too? Follow me on my journey.

Getting an Italy Visa in Dubai

Step by Step guide to apply for Italy visa in Dubai for Pakistani nationals.

Step into the Void at Roof of Europe

The “Step into the Void” is a glass room with the glass floor, glass walls and glass ceiling panels at an altitude of 3842 metres.

My Top Favourite Hollywood Travel Movies

I have been posting travel movie of the week on my Instagram, here is a list of My Favorite Hollywood Travel Movies to get you moved. I have also included the locations for each film to inspire you.

Favourite Travel Video Songs from Bollywood

Love music and travel?

Here are my top favourite travel video songs from Bollywood. Enjoy!

Top Favourite Travel Documentaries

Are you a documentary guy or girl? Here's list of my top favourite travel documentaries, I hope you'll enjoy watching these.

My favourite Travel Movies from Bollywood to Get You Moved.

At times we are still in the doldrums while considering to travel or sometimes we just need a push to travel. Here I am sharing with you my favourite travel movies list from Bollywood to get you moved.