Thai Flag


The hustle bustle of Bangkok, Picturesque mountains, dense green forests, blue waters, snorkelling, delicious Thai cuisine and much more “amazing” Thailand has got to offer.

Useful info:

Currency: Thai Bhat, US Dollars are accepted widely.

Language: Thai is the official language however many people speak English in major cities.

Visa: Pakistanis need to prearrange visa. If you are applying from Dubai, you must be a UAE resident and need to book an appointment online for submitting a visa application.

Climate: Thailand is a big country and climate varies throughout the country. In general November to early April is a cold and dry season. Avoid visiting if from late April to May as it is the hottest time of the year especially in Bangkok.

Trivia: Thailand is known as “The Land Of Smiles”.


Thai cuisine is world famous, and rice is the staple food. You can find halal food in many Arabic and Pakistanis restaurants.


Traffic jams are quite notorious in Bangkok; public transport also gets densely packed. Tuk Tuk (rickshaw) is quite cheap transport mode to roam in around the city.

Motorcycle rides are also available for payments to beat the traffic.


From luxury resorts to guesthouses there are plenty of options starting from 30$/night. If you prefer to stay with locals, you can also use Airbnb (Use this link to get 25$ off)

You can also check other travel resources which will help you plan your trip better.


Thailand is full of nightlife options especially the major cities of Bangkok and Pattaya.