Qatari Flag

Qatar is a small country, famous for its natural gas and oil reserves. It is hosting FIFA world cup 2022.

Useful info:

Currency: Qatari Riyal.

Language: Though Arabic is the official language, but English is widely spoken.

Visa: Pakistanis need to arrange a visa before their departure however for specific routes Pakistanis can get a visa on arrival while transiting through Qatar.

Climate: Qatar experiences scorching summers, and it is not recommended to visit it at all during the hot season. November through March is great months to travel with temperatures ranging from 15 Celsius to 28 Celsius.

Trivia: According to IMF 2017 report, Qatar is world’s richest country.


Being an Islamic country, halal food is available everywhere.


Qatar is still developing and adding new roads and mode of transports including metro service within Doha. Hamad International Airport is the international airport of Doha.

Qatar has many hotels starting from 40US $. There are many listings available on Airbnb as well (use this link to get 25$ off).
You can also check other travel resources which will help you plan your trip better.
To go or not to go:
If you are transiting through country then definitely it is worth spending a day or two. However, there’s no point in making a trip only to visit Qatar.