Flag of Lebanon

Land of Gibran, Pigeon Rocks, Cedars of God, Jeita Grotto and world famous Lebanese cuisine especially Shawarma and much more Lebanon got to offer. It has been experiencing political unrest in the past, but now the situation has improved much and it is quite a safe country to visit.


Useful info:

Currency: Lebanese Pound but US dollars are accepted everywhere, from last almost 20 years 1 US$ = 1,500 Lebanese Pound.

Language: Though official language is Arabic, but most of the people speak English and French.

Visa: Pakistanis have to prearrange the visa, I got it from Consulate General of Lebanon in Dubai in 3 days, the fee was 35 USD approx.

Climate: Lebanon has a moderate Mediterranean climate. In coastal areas, winters are cool and rainy while summers are hot and humid. In northern regions of the country in winter, skiing slopes is a popular sport. March to May is the the best time of the year to visit however in summer you can join many of the pool parties in Oceana and Cyan Beach.

Trivia: Lebanon is the only Asian/African country that doesn't have a desert.


Lebanese cuisine is loved all over the world from Shawarma to falafel and Tabbouleh to Baklava. You will never run out of choices to satisfy your hunger in Lebanon.


Beirut Rafic Hariri International Airport is the only commercial airport in Lebanon situated 7km from Beirut city centre.

Though public transport is available in Beirut, it’s not recommended. Taxis are not that expensive, and your hotel will be happy to arrange it for you. You can surely get one on the street but agree on the charges and destination beforehand.


Being the capital city, Beirut has a range of hotels catering you needs. You can find a hotel room starting from 50$/night. There are many listing available on Airbnb as well (use this link to get 25$ off).

You can also check other travel resources which will help you plan your trip better.

Night Life:

Perhaps nobody does the party the way Lebanese do, they just love partying. There are many pubs, clubs and nightspots in Beirut and you can also head to Brummana, Jounieh and Jubayl (Byblos).