Iranian Flag


Forget what you hear about Iran in the media, it is a multicultural country with numerous ethnic and linguistic groups. It has several UNESCO world heritage sites, and it is also home to many rare animal species such as Asiatic cheetah and Persian leopard.

Useful info:

Currency: Iranian rial, US dollars are NOT accepted. However, you can get it quickly exchanged at the money exchanges.

Language: Official language is Persian and very few people speak English.

Visa: Pakistanis need to prearrange their visa before travelling. It is quite tricky for British, Americans and Canadians to get an Iranian Visa, I think I do not need to tell the reason.

Climate: Iran has varied terrain, so its climate. If you want to visit Tehran, the ideal time is from March to May or September to early November. Winters can get quite cold, better to avoid.

Trivia: Iran is the world’s seventh major tea producer


Owing to its diverse ethnic groups, Iran has a vibrant cuisine. Chelow kabab is a must have, also don’t forget to try their traditional ice cream knows as bastani sonnati.


Tehran Imam Khomeini International Airport is the most prominent airport in Iran. There are other international airports as well, and you can choose one depending on your destination.

Train infrastructure is quite useful in Iran, and you can use it to move from city to city.

Within Tehran, it is recommended to use a taxi but agrees on the charges and the destination with the cab driver beforehand.


Searching hotels in Iran are difficult as most of the hotels do not accept foreign credit cards. You can find limited listings on

Night Life:

In western terms, there is no nightlife. However, there are many spots which you can enjoy such as driving on the tree-lined road Valiasr Street and exploring Darband which is a high street with several excellent restaurants and mountains view.